Protect and promote Maya culture



Help the Maya Archaeology Initiative help the Maya people reconnect with their past by protecting its cultural and natural wonders. The discovery of Preclassic, ornate temple masks at the ancient Maya cities of Holmul and Cival in Guatemala continues to change the way archaeologists view Maya civilization.

Unfortunately, despite international assistance and recognition by the Guatemalan government, these sites face significant threats if left unguarded. As you may be aware from media coverage, looters came within three inches of reaching the “temple within a temple” where the masks were found. Cival is virgin rainforest as well, teeming with jaguars and other wildlife, but faces encroachment by loggers and poachers. In short, we need your help.

We must increase the number of local guards at the site, provide them with barracks, vehicles, solar panels for power, and a filtration system for drinking water. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated, and is fully deductible. Visit our equipment  Wish List at by following this link.

Your donations will also help built a Maya Cultural Center in Melchor de Mencos, the town nearest the archaeological zone of Holmul and CIval. This is a project that will benefit the many thousands who live there by providing construction jobs, an educational facility and attracting visitors to further stimulate the local economy in years to come. It will also help promote Maya culture and the conservation of its rainforest worldwide through its exhibits and on the internet. 


Your donations can be designated also to our school project in Melchor to buy textbooks for k-8 children, connect their schools to the internet and improve the general conditions of their school grounds.

You can make a donation of any amount by credit card or Pay Pal at this link:

or by mailing a check to this address:

Maya Archaeology Initiative
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Remember, your donation is tax-deductible. 100 % of donated funds will support these project in Guatemala. Thank you and best wishes for a great holiday season!

Francisco Estrada-Belli                                   Clayton Haswell

President                                                    Chairman