Our Mission

The objectives of the Maya Archaeology Initiative are to provide the means to protect and improve northern Guatemala through a range of diverse programs including:

  1. To provide educational opportunities and training in Mayan history and culture for Guatemalan young people. This includes sharing artifacts and antiquities at interpretive centers, explaining the significance of Maya history in world history, and fieldwork at archaeological when possible.
  2. To encourage conservation of the Peten rainforest’s animals, plants, and natural resources. To this end, MAI works with other NGOs seeking protection for the region’s invaluable natural resources;
  3. To support research in new areas of Maya archaeology, including pressing for protection of Holmul, Cival and nearby sites;
  4. To protect cultural and historical resources, and to make them available to the public through digital means where possible;
  5. To help communities better their standards of living by supporting sustainable tourism and promotion of traditional arts and handicrafts.

Our Vision

To preserve the integrity of the Maya Biosphere Reserve as a cultural and natural landscape working with the local communities, forestry associations and the Guatemalan state, within the existing legal framework for the benefit of the local communities first as well as for the benefit of our planet.