Where We Work

The physical area that serves as the focal point of the Maya Archaeology Iniative is located in northeastern Guatemala in the Peten rainforest.  It is within the same general geographic area as the renowned site of Tikal and in between Tikal and Caracol, another primary Mayan site located in Belize.

The main town in the area, Melchor de Mencos, is located on the Guatemala-Belize border and on a major international highway between Guatemala City and Belize City.  The sites themselves are reached by 4×4 vehicle, helicopter, horse, or on foot.

Dr. Estrada-Belli has developed strong ties with local people and agencies in the area close to Homul and Cival.  Melchor, is a town of 20,000 inhabitants that lies nearest the two sites.

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map: © Francisco Estrada-Belli 2010